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Enlightenment Defended will repel the dark nihilism of “post-truth”, woke culture, identity politics, and political correctness. It will catalyse the bright flame of the enlightenment —liberty, reason and progress.

Enlightenment Defended will create an open realm of vigorous philosophical debate through animation, documentaries, poetry, humour, music and myth. People are many-sided in both apprehension and enjoyment.
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International Challenges to the Enlightenment. Episode 1. Part 6. Ray on China, Ronald Coase, K. Popper & the Enlightenment

🌸 Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.🌸

Just before he died in 2009, Qian Xuesen, a highly respected Chinese scientist and founder of the CCP’s missile and space program, asked a sobering question:

“Why have Chinese universities not produced a single world-class original thinker or innovative scientist since 1949?”

In his book, How China Became Capitalist, the Nobel laureate in Economics, Ronald Coase, advances the thesis that China has developed a powerful economy in material goods and services through its economic free zones. However, because the CCP also vigorously discourages free-thinking and lacks a marketplace of ideas, it has a built-in ceiling to its prosperity. The maximum growth rate of an economy requires innovation and entrepreneurship, but these, in turn, require freedom of expression. So it lacks one of the core ideas of western enlightenment.

(Note: Some Nobel prize-winning scientists have originated in China over the period Xuesen cites, but they all went to top American universities, such as the University of Chicago, and the University of Berkeley, etc. As a point of interest, in a list of the number of Nobel laureates by country, China has only 8 awardees to its name and ranks 13th, level with Spain and just below the relatively much smaller countries of South Africa and Ireland, each with 11. The US is number one with 388 and the UK is second with 133.)

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