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Enlightenment Defended will repel the dark nihilism of “post-truth”, woke culture, identity politics, and political correctness. It will catalyse the bright flame of the enlightenment —liberty, reason and progress.

Enlightenment Defended will create an open realm of vigorous philosophical debate through animation, documentaries, poetry, humour, music and myth. People are many-sided in both apprehension and enjoyment.
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Step forth from the Nightmare: A Plea to the Dreamers.

Only the people themselves can escape the shadow life of Covid-Myopia. It has never really been a question of whether the disease is a serious disease, or whether it calls for proper management, but rather, from the very beginning, it has been a question of fear-induced single-issue thinking.

Disease can be a powerful tool to suppress liberty because it taps into the psychology of disgust and fear of contamination. Invisible contagion is deeply repellent. If unbridled by self-criticism, fear of contamination can demand ever more detailed, comprehensive and microscopic protection, cleansing, and monitoring. It's never really satisfied. I've washed my hands, but did I use enough soap? was the water hot enough? We want to have the Ascot Race proceed indoors, but can we guarantee that viral particles will not pass from one person to another?

You can see where I’m going with this. Normally people have the rest of their busy lives to distract them, so they adjust to the challenges and get over it. That has been the pattern for thousands, millions, of years. But not if the media and government are continually fanning the flames of their repulsion. A self-reflective, self-critical ethos is required. The best anti-dote to this one-problem-only thinking is to build a perspective.

During these adjustments, we need vigilance to safeguard our liberties from being warped, unintentionally and incrementally, toward super-surveillance and totalitarianism. It is important that we don't let the giant within us go to sleep. Calm but alert, the giant will need that liberty to re-build and then make continual progress.

[Addendum: With the ill-considered proposal to exclude people from clubs without double vaccinations, I'm tempted to put on hold my suggestion to allow the "monsters" an avenue of escape from the nightmare. But even that policy could be repealed if enough people removed their blinkers about Covid-19 and walked to the brighter valley of autonomy.]

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