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Enlightenment Defended will repel the dark nihilism of “post-truth”, woke culture, identity politics, and political correctness. It will catalyse the bright flame of the enlightenment —liberty, reason and progress.

Enlightenment Defended will create an open realm of vigorous philosophical debate through animation, documentaries, poetry, humour, music and myth. People are many-sided in both apprehension and enjoyment.
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Afghanistan Special/Isolationism & Leading by Example. Part 2 of 3.

Talking Points:

1. The wider impact of the crisis.
2. The relationship between the Taliban and the terrorist groups of Al Qaeda and others.
3. Occupying foreign cultures by force is incompatible with Enlightenment Values.
4. China and Russia.
5. Withdrawal: A Defeat or Advance for Enlightenment?
6. Spreading Liberty by Force is confusing and self-defeating.
7. Media: Mainstream Media versus more perspectives through the new media.
8. Noam Chomsky.
9. Strategic thinking undistorted by ideology or Media Agendas: the congruence of the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu and the state-of-the-art thinking of professor Robert Pape. (See his book Dying to Win.)
10. A Crack in the Mainstream Media: some elements started questioning the occupation, but then closed ranks, resuming an imperialistic narrative.

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